Welcome Message

Dear Doctor,

IASCC (Indian Association of Supportive Care in Cancer) is an affiliate organization of MASCC, dedicated to improve the supportive care in India. The inception of the organization was declared in September 2018 during Best of MASCC by Dr. Sudeep Gupta in the presence of Dr. Matti Aapro (Past President of MASCC). This organization is completely focused on supportive care required during cancer directed therapies. Other important aspects would be to support good quality research in the same field.
On September 26th - 27th & October 3rd - 4th,  we are organizing 2nd Annual Meeting of IASCC 2020. This IASCC annual meeting will be held on a virtual platform.
The exciting program planned for this conference will have presentations, workshops, and discussions on treatments and techniques for minimising the symptoms of cancers and side effects of cancer directed and related therapy. The conference also includes a diverse array of presentations on the psychological, social, and economic dimensions of cancer diagnosis and treatment. The meeting will feature sessions for doctors and paramedics associated with supportive care in cancer. We look forward to having your active participation in the niche field of oncology.

Organizing Chairpersons

Dr. Sudeep Gupta
Dr. Shona Nag
Dr. D. C. Doval

Organizing Secretaries

Dr. Vikas Ostwal
Dr. Anant Ramaswamy
Dr. Anant Gokarn

Joint Organizing Secretaries

Ms Anita Dsouza
Ms. Irene Sunder